A Potter’s Story – Rachel Kurdynowska

One interpretation of the Biblical creation story in the book of Genesis argues in favour of creation ex-material, the theory that God-shaped order out of existing chaotic matter. Rachel Kurdynowska re-enacts this divine form-giving process in her pottery, teasing functional beauty out of lumps of clay. From stand-alone sculptures and usable ceramics to self-referential plates and minimalist sketches, the artist creates original pieces for sale and commission at her studio in Norwich.

Rachel’s interest in pottery stems from her obsession with the creative act rather than the final product, and she works instinctively and intuitively. The end product has always been secondary to the making process, but the ceramics and pottery she creates are stunning and unique.

Her talent has seen her work featured in exhibitions, with two scheduled in Norwich later this year, but as well as promoting her own work she is keen to share her skill and passion with others, teaching a live sculpture course at her Easton Pottery studio. Inspiration begets inspiration, and in Rachel’s championing of the act over the outcome, we see and applaud a celebration of the creative spirit.   

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