Callum and Liam Painter | Norwich Natives

Callum and Liam Painter | Norwich Natives

If you want to get the full measure of a place, ask the locals who were born and raised there. Callum and Liam Painter, 22, have just returned from university (Callum studied photography in Bristol, Liam illustration in Bournemouth). Since being back, the pair have been re-familiarising themselves with their favourite city and juggling as many creative projects as possible. Liam recently finished making a music video for King Krule, and both are currently hard at work on the next range of products for ONE8T, including a pop-up shop in collaboration with Drugstore, Dirtbox, Artel and other local artists at Studio 20. Liam and Callum find that creativity flourishes in Norwich due to the large number of independent businesses (and their clientele!) who are open to new and exciting collaborations.

Some of their favourite things to do include hanging out at Artel or Drugstore, walking the dog by Cow Tower and spending cold evenings at Eaton Skatepark. They’re also big fans of Cave In; Jurnet Bar’s resident club night of soul, tough garage, psychedelia, groovy jazz and lounge.

photo | Thom Law

words | Steph McKenna

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