Magma London now stocks SHHHH guide to Norwich

Magma London now stocks SHHHH guide to Norwich

We’re so proud of our SHHHH guides to Norwich that we want the world to see.

In fact, it’s our dream that our little yellow bibles spread as far and wide as they can, letting people know all the finest things about our fine city, and encouraging them to come and try them out for themselves.

This is why we’re super excited to announce that Magma, one of our favourite stores in all of London, now stocks the SHHHH guide! Our book of hidden gems has been given a whole new London audience.

Magma opened during the internet boom, and whilst everyone else was turning to dotcom ideas, founders Montse Prats and Marc Valli instead turned their attention to creating a friendly, personable bookshop, with a vision to provoke discussion and foster community.

Fast forward to now, and Magma has developed to be more than a bookshop. Selling books developed into selling design products, prints, totes, a partnership with Laurence King, creating an in-house art magazine, and practical gifts.

Magma, like us, prides and promotes independent creatives. This is another reasons we are so happy to announce our partnership. They work alongside artists, creators and painters to develop and commission original works, facilitating a wider reach and audience.

The book genres stocked range between visual communication, art, culture and design, so we’re really proud our SHHHH guide can sit happily amongst them.

When you’re next in London, be sure to check out Magma.

In Clerkenwell: 117-119 Clerkenwell Road

In Covent Garden: 29 Shorts Gardens

If you’d like to stock our SHHHH guide, please get in touch here.

For more information about the guide: click here.

Ellie White