Is Norwich a Green City?

The answer is YES! The City of Norwich is one of the greenest communities in the country. Apart from physical green space - we’ve got one of the highest ratios of amenity land and natural habitat per resident - Norwich has the second largest Green Party presence in the country. The University of East Anglia is home to an award-winning School of Environmental Sciences as well as the acclaimed Tyndall Centre on Climate Change Research. Progressive thinking on community and planetary wellbeing permeates widely into the Norwich community.



Flicking through our guide, you will notice that many of our independent businesses are doing their bit to work and live sustainably. There is a big emphasis on green spaces, organic and local food and drink, recycled materials and eco-conscious living. As well as shopping independently (avoiding chain and corporate stores), we hope to encourage more people to buy less, buy better-made and think about how our daily choices affect our world.

Outside of our guide, we encourage you to check out local organisations including Norwich Food Cycle, Norwich Food Bank, Bicycle Links, the Norwich Environmental Action Team, Men's Shed, Active Norfolk, and many other green and community-focused initiatives. See where you can get involved and make small changes to secure the future of this amazing historic city, whilst also contributing to the planetary well-being. 

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