Norwich Natives - Illustrator Gina Patch

Gina Patch, 25, grew up in the seaside town of Eastbourne. She studied Illustration at Cambridge School of Art then found herself drawn to Norwich, where fellow artists from her university seemed to gravitate. Gina's been back and forth a few times in the past four years, but the creative energy of the city - particularly around art, music and yoga - keeps pulling her back.

Gina is currently working on a book which combines her illustrations with her love for different cultures. She's pushing her passion for prints and making art on the daily, and has teamed up with her friend Sam from samu studio to create a portable pop-up shop (also known as ‘the art cart’) which you'll often see in the city centre. In future, she hopes to make her art a full-time career.

When the weather is good, you'll catch Gina at the Plantation Gardens (she loves how hidden and ethereal it is) with a slice of cake from Tofurei, or walking around UEA lake and venturing into nearby fields. She loves breakfast at Olives, dinner at Shiki and shopping at independent lifestyle store Elm.