The Green Grocers

An independent cafe, bakery and whole foods store with a clear passion for living well, The Green Grocers is a one-stop-shop for the eco-friendly, the health-conscious and anyone that loves delicious, honest food and drink.

Located in the heart of the Golden Triangle, The Green Grocers use their shop - packed with local, organic and speciality produce - as a larder for their breakfast, lunch and pizza menus. Options include locally roasted Strangers coffee, a Superfood Salad or an artisan sourdough pizza (available 5 - 9 pm Thursday - Saturday), washed down with a glass of organic wine or a local craft beer. There are lots of options for veggie, vegan and gluten-free diners too!

The Green Grocers place a strong emphasis on sustainability - their new Green Grocers Hoppers allow customers to weigh their own produce from a selection of over 40 organic pulses, nuts and seeds, offering value for money while saving on packaging and food waste. Naturally!

Alysia Schuetzle