SHHHH Guide Vol.7 2019 - 2020

WE may be biased, but in our eyes Norwich has it all. A beautiful and historic city whose rich heritage continues to inspire our future; here we have an ever-booming independent scene, a strong emphasis on arts and culture and a friendly community spirit. Surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery in the
UK from the beaches to the Broads, and peppered with pubs, restaurants and things to do: it’s easy to see why so many people come here, and also why many decide not to leave.

Singing Norwich’s praises is one of our favourite things to do, which is why for the past seven years, we’ve worked towards collating our favourite independent places to eat, drink, play, party, sleep, heal and explore in the city. Norwich is constantly evolving – meaning we have to as well! This edition is our biggest yet, jam-packed with more of the very best that the city and the wider county has to offer. Designed for all ages and all lengths of stay, whether you’ve just got here or you’ve lived here for years; we hope we can introduce you to some new favourite places.

The huge community of independent businesses is part of what makes Norwich so special. From the thriving Norwich Lanes to the ever-increasing selection of independent bars, cafés, restaurants and shops – as a city we are incredibly supportive of each independent venture.

Our SHHHH guide is a celebration of this ever-growing independent scene, with each edition set to capture the community atmosphere, all the while driving new customers to our favourite businesses so they can continue to flourish.

SHHHH Guide to Norwich Vol.7
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