Tropico - Day + Night - Nineties Summer

Tropico sold out at their last event with a week to go and even had a few rogue lads trying to sell tickets for 3 times the price. MADNESS. This time they're back at the Arts Centre for a party that will run through the day and into the early morning.

"We're lads that grew up in the nineties so we thought it only right that we celebrate the rave culture that helped us form our musical taste. Think Jungle, Acid House, RnB, Golden Era Hip Hop and Drum and Bass. Make sure you draw for your favourite Nineties clothing, bucket hats, Kappa pop ups, Reebok Classics, Sergio Tacchini, FUBU, Roca wear and all that"

This is the first time they have done an event of this kind and we expect it to SELL OUT QUICK as the capacity is only 260. 

Tickets -