Norwich City Guide

Welcome to Norwich

One of the UK’s best kept secrets! A city brimming with arts and culture, steeped with history and heritage, peppered with pubs and restaurants and booming with independent businesses and creative opportunities. The place is alive, friendly and constantly evolving. These are just a few of the reasons why people come here, and why many decide not to leave.

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When you’re new to the city it can be difficult to find the hidden treasures that are nestled within these winding medieval streets. Like you, we once wore newbie shoes and were the ones who needed guidance to seek out those special gems. That is where the SHHHH City Guide comes in!

Each year we merge minds with locals to collate our favourite independent places to eat, drink, play, shop, party, sleep and heal in the city. This eclectic round-up is designed for all ages and lengths of stay; be that a few hours, a day or a lifetime. Whatever your plans, we’re confident you’ll find the places for your daily needs and more within our guide.